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Disposable Ear Piercing Gun

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Tired of mooning over gorgeous earrings you cannot wear because you lack ear piercings?! Suffer no more! Our handy DIY ear piercing kit will give you beautiful ear piercings in seconds, so you too can enjoy wearing beautiful earrings for the rest of your life! It's super simple to use, hygienic and safe. Simply follow the instructions below: 

Steps for usage:

1. Wipe the earrings and earlobes with alcohol cotton

2. Use a beauty marker to mark the position where you want to make a hole

3. Hold the ear piercer and press down firmly and firmly

4. The gun body will automatically fall off the ear studs which will have transferred onto your ears automatically. Congratulations! You now have ear piercings!

Note: You must be fast, accurate and ruthless when pressing! Once you press it to the end, don't release it halfway down, the ear piercers will spread out, and it may not be deep enough.

Package includes: 1 x Piercing Gun