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Anna Bortion Mary Janes

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Hey, hunty! Get ready to step up your shoe game with the Anna Bortion Mary Janes. These shoes are so fierce, they'll make all your drag queen dreams come true!

First of all, let's talk colors. You can choose between pink or black, so you can match your shoes to your outfit and be the envy of all your sisters. And with sizes ranging from 5-15, everyone can have a pair of these fabulous shoes.

Now, let's get to the real T: the thick platform. Honey, these shoes will elevate you to new heights! You'll be so tall, you'll be able to see over the competition and snatch that crown with ease.

So whether you're stomping the runway or sashaying down the street, these shoes are guaranteed to turn heads. They're like the cherry on top of your fabulous drag queen sundae!

So what are you waiting for, girl? Snatch up these Anna Bortion Mary Janes and step up your shoe game. You'll be feeling fabulous and fierce in no time, darling!

Size Chart in cm

Size European Heel to Toe
5 36 23.6
6 37 24.2
7 38 24.8
8 39 25.4
9 40 26.0
10 41 26.6
11 42 27.2
12 43 27.8
13 44 28.4
14 45 29.0
15 46 29.6