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The Drag Queen Store is the #1 online store for drag queens and crossdressers. We are known worldwide and have an international clientele that includes countries such as United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France and more, including the United States where our company is based.

Our website is ranked on the first page of Google, Bing and other top search engines. By advertising on our store you can gain national as well as international exposure and gain a highly targeted clientele that will take your goals to the next level.

How do I advertise on your site?

It's easy! We charge a one time monthly fee to show your banner on our front page, every single day, 24/7 for one entire month. Once you submit payment, simply email your banner image to and your advertisement will begin showing on the top of our webpage's slideshow within 24 to 48 hours.  

What size should the banner be?

Your banner size should be 1200 x 400 to 600 pixels. Only high quality, artistic images will be accepted. We reserve the right to decline any images that do not have these characteristics and/or do not align with the overall theme of our store.

What can I advertise?

We are currently only accepting drag queen related events such as pageant shows, drag queen tours, shows and the like.

Please note that this is NOT an exclusive marketing listing and your banner image will appear as part of our main store's slideshow and alongside other advertisers that may be advertising on that particular month. You may contact us for pricing, should you wish to market with exclusivity. All marketing fees are non-refundable. Once your banner is accepted and uploaded to our site, we are unable to modify, stop and/or refund this service.

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