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Amie Thyst Silicone Breast Forms

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Transform your drag look with these exquisite breast forms, designed to take your femininity to the next level. Captivate everyone in the room with these eye-catching breast forms that exude realism and grace.

◑Material: Crafted from premium medical silicone, these breast forms boast oil-free silicone material for a lifelike touch.

◐Elastic Material: Made of soft silicone, these breast forms are non-allergic, skin-friendly, and odorless. Their super high elasticity ensures durability and tear resistance.

◑Fillers: Choose from two types of filled breasts to suit your preferences.

1. Silk thread filler: Experience the lightness and ease of wearing with the high elastic thread filler. Perfect for long-term activities like Cosplay, animation exhibitions, and parties.

2. Silicone filler: For an incredibly realistic feel, opt for the 100% medical silicone filler. Touch and movement mimic that of real breasts, offering a more authentic experience.

◐Shoulder: Enjoy the comfort of widened shoulder width and a design tailored for men, ensuring a perfect fit for crossdressers and sissy boys alike.

◑Color: Choose from three elegant shades - 1. Ivory White, 2. Light Beige, 3. Tan.

Privacy: Your discretion is our priority. We ship our products in plain packaging without any logos for utmost confidentiality.

At our crossdresser store, we provide top-quality breast forms that cater to the needs of sissy boys, crossdressers, drag queens, transgender women, and non-binary individuals. With our extensive selection of large and busty breast forms, natural silicone breast forms, crossdressing makeup, accessories, and wigs, you're sure to find the perfect fit to elevate your feminine expression.

As a dedicated service for the CD & TG communities for over 25 years, we take pride in offering exceptional customer service. Our certified breast form fitters are here to assist you in finding the ideal breast form to achieve your desired silhouette and gender euphoria. Shop with us for discrete billing, plain box shipping, and ultra-low prices on high-quality transgender products.

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we respect your privacy. Rest assured that we will never contact you after your transaction is complete, ensuring your confidentiality.

Discover our learning center, filled with helpful information, tips, tricks, and tutorials to perfect your feminine transformation. Embrace your true self and find your perfect breast form fit with our experienced certified fitters by your side. We are committed to empowering our cross dressing, transgender, non-binary, and LGBTQIA+ communities with high-quality products that boost confidence and authenticity.

Cup Size Neck circumference Neck length Shoulder width Bust Full length
A 33 cm 10 cm 38 cm 83 cm 36 cm
B 31 cm 10 cm 39 cm 88 cm 34 cm
C 32 cm 11 cm 38 cm 86 cm 37 cm
D 32 cm 11 cm 38 cm 88 cm 36 cm
E 31 cm 12 cm 38 cm 92 cm 35 cm
G 31 cm 10 cm 37 cm 97 cm 37 cm