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Darling Disguise: The Ultimate Male-Hiding Gaff Panties, Sashay Your Way!

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Honey, are you ready to tuck away that VIP (Very Intrusive Part) and step out as the ultimate queen? Introducing our 'Darling Disguise' Gaff Panties – every drag queen's backstage secret weapon! Made especially for all you fabulous crossdress drag queen cosplayers who've got more than charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.

Made from the softest cotton, it's so comfy you might just forget you're packing some extra goodies. The fit? Close, darling, but no cigar! Realistic, convincing, and sewn with all the love and shade we could muster, this little number ensures that your male treasures stay hidden – while you flaunt that sizzling, feminine fierceness.

Whether you're slaying on stage or just voguing down the supermarket aisle, these gaff panties will give you all the confidence (and confusion 😉) you deserve. And with sizes ranging from S-XXL, we've got every queen covered. After all, why just be a snack when you can be the whole damn meal?