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Lace Bra & Breast Form Set

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Unleash your fiercest inner diva with this show-stopping Lace Bra & Breast Form Set! ✨

Slay all day (and night!) with a confidence boost so big, it needs its own spotlight. This bra ain't your average underwire grandma – it's a game-changer for queens who rule the runway.

Spill the tea on the fab features:

    • Secret weapon pockets: Tuck those silicone sisters in and never fear a wardrobe malfunction again. These babies hold tight, even during the most gravity-defying dips and death drops.
    • Natural curves for days: Say goodbye to awkward bumps and hello to seamless, smooth perfection. This bra sculpts and shapes, creating a silhouette that's pure fierceness.
    • Front closure – because back fat is a myth, honey: Easy on, easy off, so you can transform into your dazzling persona in record time. No more fumbling with hooks in the spotlight!
    • Wire-free comfort (girl, you deserve it!): Strut your stuff without digging wires and pinching straps. This bra's all about unleashing your inner goddess, not constricting her. ️
    • Adjustable straps, just in case: Even the fiercest queens deserve a little tweak. ‍♀️ We've got you covered (literally) with adjustable straps for the perfect fit.

Forget boring basics, this bra is a statement piece. Think lace fit for a queen, designed to complement your killer costumes and make you feel like the star you are.

So get ready to slay, snatch every crown, and leave 'em breathless with this Lace Bra & Breast Form Set. Remember, darling, confidence is the best accessory. And this bra gives you enough to outfit a whole runway!

P.S. Don't just take our word for it – check out the reviews from queens who are already rocking this must-have accessory!

Size Weight per Pair Number of Pieces Weight per Piece
M CT400 2 CT200
L CT400 2 CT200
XL CT400 2 CT200
XXL CT500 2 CT250
XXXL CT600 2 CT300