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Laye Lo Crystal Jewelry Set

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Girl, get ready to slay with the Laye Lo Crystal Jewelry Set! This luxurious set is perfect for adding that extra touch of glamour and style to your drag look. You'll be feeling like the queen you are in no time!

Now, listen up, honey. These earrings are for pierced ears, but don't you fret. We've got you covered with our handy DIY ear piercing kit. You'll be able to rock any earring style you want for the rest of your fabulous life! And if you're not ready for piercings just yet, no worries. Check out our Clip On Earrings Collection for more options that don't require any piercings at all.

This set includes some serious bling, honey. You'll be shining bright like a diamond with the stunning earrings, necklace, and crown that come with it. The crystals are so sparkly, you'll be able to light up any room you walk into!

So, what are you waiting for, hunty? Add the Laye Lo Crystal Jewelry Set to your collection and get ready to werk it. You'll look super fabulous and feel like a true queen. Trust us, your drag game will never be the same once you get your hands on this set.